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Taste of Ethiopia

San Jose's Most Acclaimed Ethiopian Restaurant
Meat Combination

A combination of Doro Wot, Key Wot, Alicha Wot, Ayib and Salad.

Special Kitfo

House special minced lean beef, seasoned with spiced butter, herbs, mitmita, minced kale and Ethiopian cheese.

Vegetarian Combo

A combination of ye-misir wot, Yekik alitcha, Gomen wot, and Atakilt wot, served with salad


About Us

Kategna Ethiopian restaurant is a unique dining experience that offers a taste of Ethiopia's rich culture and delicious cuisine. The restaurant serves traditional Ethiopian dishes, including injera (a spongy, sourdough flatbread), doro wat (a spicy chicken stew), and kitfo (a dish made from raw minced beef). The food is typically served on a large platter, with the injera acting as both plate and utensil.

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